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    Digit Vehicle Tracking
    Route Shceduling, Route Deviation & Speed Limit
    with Fuel Sensor & Camera
    Fleet Management Service
    Digit Dcut solution
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    Authentication to prevent forgery
    Ajax security system
    - Jamming detection and
      Communication channels encryption
    - Tampering alarm

    - Assists in protecting the entrance from break-ins through windows and doors.
    - Sends alarms to the owner's smartphone and Central Monitoring Station via
      GSM and Ethernet.
    - Is controlled using the mobile app and key fob.

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    The kit consists of the hub,
    motion detector,opening detector
    key fob with panic button.

    The sensing detectors detect human presence and,
    opening of the window or door.
    The hub sends notification of an alarm to the Central
    Monitoring Station and the system owner's smartphone.